This is the overriding goal of B2B companies as they rethink and restructure for marketing and sales productivity improvements. Data-Driven Marketing strategies and tactics is the way to achieve this difficult goal.


An increase in revenue will always be the primary objective of the sales organization. But the selling game has dramatically changed, because traditional selling methods are not working as well. Buyers are increasingly driving the process, and are not as available to meet with sales people. These factors, combined with an explosion of emerging digital and social media communications, have led to the need for a more targeted sales approach and plan. Data-Driven Marketing meets this need head-on. If implemented properly, it will deliver on the demand to Sell More each and every year.


As we emerge from the economic downturn, spending less is on the list of every senior-level executive, particularly the CFO. How can companies continue to increase revenue and, at the same time, spend less in doing so? The answer is to restructure the entire marketing and sales process - from lead generation, to qualification, to conversion, and even through to customer relationship development. Data-Driven Marketing provides the strategies and tactics to improve both marketing and sales productivity, thus achieving the overriding imperative to Spend Less.